Once our friends left us we spent the next couple of days in Longreach camping by the river for $3 a night. We saw all the main tourist sites from the Stockman’s Hall of fame, to where the first Qantas plane was built and we spent a day travelling to the nearby town of Barcaldine for an agriculture show called West Tec.



From Longreach we travelled south to the beautiful Lara station, initially we were only going to stay the one night but it was too nice to leave so soon so we spent two nights there. With very limited phone reception, and not much else to do besides, read books, kayak, and enjoy the artesian naturally heated pools, it was a great place to relax for a couple of days. It was here where we realised we had a while before coming home for Christmas and we decided it would be a good time to stay in the one spot and work for a bit.






Leaving Lara Station we headed south to the tiny town of Wyandra. Here we started looking on Gumtree for “Jobs on a cattle station”. Within 48 hours of applying we had a job, we were on our way back north towards Mitchell to head to Kilmorey Cattle Station. With neither of us having any experience within the Cattle industry we were both in for a new experience. Working in a remote area, with no phone reception and an hour away to the closest town it was something we were both wanting to try.



Michaels job involved being a farm hand which consisted of many different tasks around the farm. From driving a truck, feeding the cattle, checking water, fixing fences, welding and much more. My job was helping look after the kids, cleaning, gardening and cooking meals. However there were many times I was able to go out in the paddocks with Michael.




When we arrived in mid September the land was very dry and brown looking, by the time we left, after rainfall the land had completely transformed to unrecognisable green paddocks. Being here in spring we were lucky enough to witness the transformation and also it was the time of year when all the new baby calves were being born.









During the week we worked and with the weekends off we were able to do whatever we wanted. Usually we would go to nearby towns Roma and Mitchell, two of the weekend we enjoyed a breakfast at the Mooreland’s bush nursery. One weekend we went to the Roma speedway and one Saturday morning I attended a yoga class in Mitchell.


In our spare time we would also often walk and drive around the property to the near by waterfall or out in the paddock spotting new calves.



The 2 months of working on the Cattle station was a great experience for both of us, we learnt so much and enjoyed the station lifestyle. Being paid was an added bonus, as we enjoyed it so much. It was sad to say Goodbye to the family but we were grateful for the opportunity and it was time for us to get back on the road to head back to the coast to Brisbane to fly home for Christmas.



Read next week to see what we get up to since being back on the road where we head from Kilmorey.

 Kilometres 1939km 30,267km
Sunrises watched 5 63
Sunsets watched 10 107
Beaches visited 0 126
Fish caught 0 24
Snakes sighted 1 7


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