Noosa/ Fraser Island

We are back on the road, after celebrating Christmas, New year, Birthdays, Hens and Bucks parties, a wedding and catching up with all our family and friends back in Perth. After the 6 weeks we were ready to get back on the road for another holiday. We flew into Brisbane where we had left our caravan in storage. Arriving late in the night we stayed at a budget motel and experienced our first Uber eats order. The next day we had breakfast out, after picking up the car and caravan we headed to my cousins house in The Gap. We spent the next 4 nights at her house catching up, visiting the nearby resevouir and stocking up the cupboards again by doing a massive food shop.

Once we left Brisbane we had organised to catch up with our friends Caron and Martin from Noosa who we met in Birdsville. We made our way up the coast to Alexandria for the night where we went for a walk along the coast in the pouring rain before continuing onto Noosa the next day, stopping at Coolum beach for a coffee on the way.

Welcomed with wide arms when we got to Noosa, and made to feel at home. Our first night we had a Birdsville reunion catching up with other friends Chis, Bruce and Alan that we had also met in Birdsville.

Our Noosa mornings started with a walk, either along the cliffs edge in the Noosa national park, along the local beaches or around the Noosa river, all beautiful and the best way to start a day.


A lot of our time in Noosa was spent down at the beach, reading our books on the grass under the Pandan trees. When we weren’t relaxing at the beach we were out and about checking out all Noosa had to offer with its many cafes and restaurants to dine at.


A night to remember was when we dined at Sum Yum Guys, the best restaurant in Noosa/ sunshine beach if not, Australia.  The food was amazing to every detail and experience was even better, we also had the best of company.

We also spent afternoons picnicking down by the river as the sun went down.


After looking at the pricing for a sunset cruise along to river we decided we would do our own sunset cruise in our tinny. We packed a bag full of drinks, cheese that we enjoyed as we cruised down the canals and along the Noosa river, with the company of Milli, the dog.


An afternoon well spent was at the Noosa surf club having a few drinks and a massive serving of calamari as we watched the people go by. Another night we had takeaway fish and chips down at the beach as we watched the storm roll in.


Once the weather cleared up we planned to go to Fraser Island. We drove to rainbow beach  and after getting a pie for breakfast at the bakery, we got on the punt over to the Island. We had our friends, experienced and frequent visitors to Fraser island to show us all the best spots on the island for the next couple of days.


The first day after setting up camp at our ocean view spot, we headed to the refreshing Eli Creek. This was just the first of our many visits here to cool off/ shower for the day. Such a tranquil place, filled with the purest of water which takes 100’s of years to filter through the sand.


Once we headed back to camp the boys went off to wet a line while us girls did what we do best ( talked and relaxed while enjoying a drink). On the first evening we had our first dingo sighting just around our campsite, this was the first of many to come in the next couple of days. As the evening progressed the boys had caught a couple of fish and we had prepared the mash to go with the lamb shanks for dinner. It was a good first day on Fraser Island.


We had very little rest after a sandy, sticky, salty, sweaty sleep, we went for a morning dip and then witnessed some dingos doing the same.


We were off on a day full of adventure. After a water crossing and morning dip in Eli creek we continued onto view the Maheno ship wreck, then to Indian Head. After climbing up the headland we had picturesque, panoramic views of the island and surrounding coastline. Then it was time for a dip at Champagne Pools.



On the way back we stopped at the sandstone before having a drink at the pub in Happy Valley. After this Michael and I went on a drive inland to Lake Garawongera, getting there felt very deserted like no one ever visits here. We sent the drone up to have a look from above.


After a big day of exploring it was time to relax with a drink.


We had a better nights sleep after a busy day, the next day we drove to the other side of the island to the Kind Fisher Bay resort. We walked along the jetty which is the other option of arriving at this point of the island by car ferry leaving from Hervey Bay. After a morning coffee on the jetty we heading to Lake Mackzenzie.


When arriving, you can really see what all the hype is about, it was a spectacular lake. A beautiful fresh water lake filled with only rain water it was pristine, clear and very inviting for a swim. After spending a couple of hours here we drove back along the track to Eurong, then went down to the beach for a late lunch, here we were joined by some more dingo visitors. Then it was time for another dip In Eli creek on the way home.



Another full day of seeing the island we sat down with a drink and had hamburgers for dinner. We then prepared for what we thought was going to be a massive storm, which in the end luckily just missed us so we enjoyed a cool night sleep. The next morning our friends left early and we stayed a little longer. After a cooked breakfast we packed up then when the tide started to go back out we headed to Lake Wabby. A steep walk up hill and over sand dunes lead us to another fresh water lake situated amongst the sand dunes.


It was now time for us to get on the barge and head back to the mainland. We stopped at Tin can bay, a quiet town, on the way home for lunch.


Back in Noosa we cleaned the car, washed all our clothes and got ready to hit the road again, but not before climbing Mt Coolum and one last picnic down by the river.


It was so great seeing our friends again and we are so grateful for them letting us stay with them. Who knows when we will meet again, but what we do know is we have made a life long friendship. Sadly we left Noosa (we could have stayed here forever) but we have the rest of Australia to see. Read next week to see what we get up to once we leave Noosa.

 Kilometres 1516km 35,732km
Sunrises watched 10 90
Sunsets watched 7 132
Beaches visited 20 178
Fish caught 3 27
Snakes sighted 0 7


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  1. Nanna pat says:

    Thanks for the memories of Frazer island and the lily freshwater lakes .you have taken some wonderful photos .enjoy the rest of your trip love to you both nana and grandad xx


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