Goodbye Doris

We sold Doris and brought a new caravan! When we first left for the trip we both decided we would take Doris and just see how far she goes so that’s what we did for the first 3 months of our trip. About a month in we both started to realised Doris wasn’t going to be comfortable long term. Michael couldn’t stand up straight without banging his head or lay down stretched out in the bed, I didn’t have these troubles however we both wanted to do more free camping rather than staying in caravan parks and Doris wasn’t fully equipped for this. We started looking at newer caravans as we kept on travelling and the caravan that ticked all the boxes and was within out budget was the Jayco Freedom Outback, turns out these are rare to find, especially the off-road model with a double bed. We spend 2 months searching the whole of Australia and every town in between Adelaide and Melbourne to find one, from looking online to caravan yards and even leaving letters in someone’s letter box who had the model we wanted parked on his front verge.

Our first weekend away with Doris – Augusta, western Australia

After a month and a half of not finding anything we decided to advertise Doris on Gumtree as sending her home wasn’t really an option after getting the freight quote and we didn’t want her just sitting in the driveway back to Perth. It wasn’t long until we had a few phone calls and messages from potential buyers but there was one that stood out from the rest, a writer wanting a space to write a novel in and he was who ended up buying our beloved Doris.


Leaving the note in the letter box payed off. The Jayco Freedom Outback on his verge was not initially for sale but 6 weeks after leaving the letter we received a message from this guy saying he was now wanting to sell it. We were very keen after selling Doris and being homeless (not really, thanks to Ali and Dallys for having us). There was a catch though, being 6 weeks since leaving the note we had moved on from Victor Harbour, SA and where now in Melbourne, Victoria. To pick it up we had an 8 hour one way drive ahead of us to do over the weekend before catching the Ferry to Tasmania on the following Tuesday. After a whirlwind trip, we were back in Victor Harbor, picked it up, spend our one night in it, and then back to Melbourne to get on the ferry to Tasmania.

Our new caravan- Jayco Freedom Outback

Doris was a part of us, getting her early in our relationship we had made so many memories with her. From renovating it, to our first weekend away and many small trips in Western Australia all the way up the Exmouth and as far south as Augusta. She was a major inspiration for us for to pack up everything and leave on our adventure around Australia. Being an old girl, she surprised a few people by even making it across the Nullarbor South Australia. She took us so much further, down all the South Australia’s Peninsula’s. All the way to the Red Centre to Alice Springs, back down to Port Augusta across to Adelaide, along the Murray river and it was in Echuca, Victoria we said our goodbyes.

Busselton, Western Australia
Margaret River, Western Australia
Road trip up north along the West Australian coast
Exmouth, Western Australia
Crossing the Nullarbor
The Gap- Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
Coffin Bay- Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
Coober Pedy, South Australia
Uluru, Northern Territory
Renmark, South Australia
Echuca, Victoria

We were emotional about letting her go but it was so much easier knowing she was going to a good home. Doris is now parked up on a beautiful property in Victoria with her new owners that love her as much as we did.Thanks for all the memories Doris, you were one of a kind, but here is to more off road adventures and free camping.

Doris’s new home- Photo credit Dion
Doris settled in at her new home and enjoying her new retired life- Photo credit Dion

Thanks again for reading, in weeks to come we have our 2weeks in Tasmania and the rest of our time in Victoria. Our new caravan does not have a name yet so any suggestion please comment below

 Kilometres  2082km 15,707km
Sunrises watched 2 26
Sunsets watched 2 38
Beaches visited 1 60
Fish caught 0 22
Snakes sighted 0 6

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mum(Maria) says:

    Goodbye Doris!!I had tears reading that gorgeous blog so many memories you have shared together but because you did them together you’ll always have them to cherish😀She was a gorgeous girl and look where she is living now awesome😍You’ll make lots of new memories in your new van and travel to even better locations it’s going to be a whole new adventure!!Cant wait to hear all about it😀Safe travels and Keep on Living the Dream!!😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jodie Castle says:

    I had tears as well . Ciao Doris your new home look wonderful I am sure she will enjoy as well as Dion 🙂 Keep Living have you thought of s a name ? Jay Joy 🙂 X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Vicki Bolam says:

    Farewell Doris – so many wonderful memories and photos you have.
    I think your new van should be Bruce – because it is so much more macho!!!

    Love to all – your blogs are wonderful Aunty Vicki xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nanna pat says:

    Hi na na pat here was thinking maybe a male name for your new caravan as it’s an off road van to take you to lots of exciting places how about victor from victor harbour love the blogs enjoy be safe we love you both xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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