How it all started

It all stared back in 2014 when I decided I wanted to purchase a vintage caravan. After spending every spare minute for months searching on gumtree and eBay I never came across anything within my budget. Then one day we received a call from Michael’s Grandad ( Graeme) telling us he has spotted an old van at the back of a caravan yard that had been traded in for something new. I convinced Michael to come have a look with me even though I thought it would be out of my price range. It was love at first sight! We picked Doris up for $1990.

The name- Michael’s Grandad’s Mum was Doris and since he led us to her it suited perfectly.

Once getting Doris home we spent a couple weekend’s tidying it up  replacing the flooring and repainted the inside. My Pop (Des) painted the outside.



And after….




Our first trip was Augusta, Western Australia

Augusta, Western Australia

since then we have made many trips down to the south west

Margaret River, Western Australia
Busselton, Western Australia

In April 2016 we wanted to see how Doris would go a little further so we planned a trip  to Exmouth ( 1300km north of Perth, Western Australia)


3 islands Whale shark dive
Tropic of Capricorn
Billabong roadhouse

After returning from our 10 day trip it inspired us to travel greater and further places. We spent the rest of the year working hard to save all the money we could and preparing to live our life on the road.

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