Eyre Peninsula

Another week has gone by and even though we have only just really started, I never want this lifestyle to end. Waking up every morning without an alarm with no plans, spending our days exploring new places is just bliss.

We headed down the Eyre Peninsula from Venus Bay 65km to Elliston a small town known for its mixed farming, cereal growing and fishing community.

Waterloo Bay

We rode our bikes around Waterloo and Anxious Bays enjoying the beautiful coastline.

From Elliston, we drove 150km to Coffin Bay which has a permanent population of 650 which becomes 4,000 in the summer months. We spent some time in the town at the active commercial wharf watching fishing boats unload their catches before heading out to the national park to spend the night.



Our Campsite at Yangie Bay- Coffin Bay national park
View from our bedroom window

In the national park, we drove the soft sand 4wd tracks and completed the Yangie island 8km and the 2km Yangie look out loop hike.


Sunrise at Yangie Bay

We have spent a lot of time relaxing this week as the first 2 weeks involved a lot of driving. This week we have stayed in the one place for a while and we needed it after three nights at the end of last week/ start of this week with very little sleep. Reason being we had company of the mice kind! Gross I know! Yes, we had one mouse in our caravan to start with scratching away eating our food and then we ended up having four, basically taking over our quarters, it was horrible listening to them run all over the caravan. Not being near any major town with supplies there wasn’t much we could do besides try and catch them ourselves, so this is what we spent our sleepless nights doing, unsuccessfully. Once arriving in port Lincoln which has a Bunnings, we went and got the necessary baits, traps and mesh to cover any holes leading into our caravan. We were then successful and we are now mice free! Thank God! That is the reality of camping in a mice plague area in an old caravan with lots of cracks and holes.

Emus at Lincoln national park

After a good night sleep, we were up the next morning ready to explore Lincoln national park. On our day trip, we drove on a lot of corrugated 4wd tracks hiked up to the top of Stamford Hill which was a short but very steep 3km. it was all worth it when we reached the top to have panoramic views of Porter and Boston Bay, Port Lincoln and Lincoln national park. On the top of the hill there was also a momentum erected in memory of Matthew Flinders who surveyed the Eyre peninsula coast line in 1802.

View from the top of Stamford Hill

Returning from the national park we spent the rest of our days riding around Port Lincoln main town and driving to near by attractions.

Me at Boston Bay winery with my $22 bottle of sav blanc

A day trip to Tumby Bay where we went to a local market which had local produce and a display of vintage cars




Tumby Bay jetty- Michael trying to catch something, no luck

There is only so much you can do being on a budget and when the weather isn’t always kind, so I find cooking is a good way to pass time. Below is the receipe and photos of a zucchini slice I cooked without an oven and then we went and ate it down at the foreshore.

Port Lincoln Foreshore
 Kilometres 663km 4021km
Sunrises watched 2 4
Sunsets watched 2 8
Beaches visited 7 28
Fish caught 0 1
Snakes sighted 0 2

The weather forecast is looking better for next week, so hopefully we can take the boat out as we head up the peninsula to Cowell.


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